In this age of fake news, dishonest and lying politicians who

refuse to put country above personal gain, and corporations

focused only on the bottom line rather than highest quality in

products and services, you must insist on TRUTH in all your

dealings. Why settle for distress, disappointment or even de-

pression? In today's world, you need to raise your standards

if, and especially if, other people are going to lower their own.

Here's how to let the world know where you stand!

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TRUTH tee shirts purchased on this site will help support Malachi Ministries and the ministries which we help to support in turn. Thank you.

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Shirts are priced at $28.95 and always include FREE SHIPPING.

To order multiple shirts of same or different colors, please call

us for discount pricing after placing order for first garment.

Be sure to provide NAME and SHIPPING ADDRESS during

the check-out process. Thank you for your support.

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